Our Quad

Our Quad
Photo Credit: Janine DeBaise

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Element One: Facebook Page

For our first element, we invited many people to a Facebook page and asked them to post a picture of their quad or green space with an anecdote about it. Here are a few of the posts people contributed! Visit our  Facebook page here.
The Oval at Ohio State -Tessa
So this is the closest we have to a quad and no one really hangs out here but sometimes people sleep on the bench or study in the tree. -Stefani

University of Connecticut -Clarissa
University of Connecticut -Clarissa

This is a picture was taken yesterday of Miami University's Sundial with McCracken Hall in the background. This is central quad at Miami and is home to the sorority pledge classes their sophomore year. McCracken Hall is actually one of the most photographed buildings in the US. This are is by far one of the prettiest settings on our campus and I love living here and seeing this view everyday! -Sarah

  St. Joseph's College- Kaitlyn

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  1. Lovely blog! All of the pictures and colors are great!