Our Quad

Our Quad
Photo Credit: Janine DeBaise

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Element Five: The Design

Hi everyone! The final week of our project has come, and we would like to share with you our design for a new quad! This new quad design takes into consideration both aesthetics and functionality, as we believe it is imperative to include both. In our scaled design, we have added numerous new features, including the following:
  • An improved rain garden that will naturally reduce water buildup on the quad, using plants included in our rain garden brochure.
  • A moveable fire pit that will allow for good times and social gatherings.
  • A terraced slope for even terrain and a place for people to gather and enjoy the quad.
  • Various plants which are suited for the soil conditions of our quad and will add shade for students. 
  • Open space to play frisbee, soccer, and other fun activities.
  • A permeable sidewalk surrounding the quad, allowing for improved water runoff and less salt usage in winter.
The first diagram shows the permeable sidewalk and terracing features we have included. The second diagram shows the location of various plants and the movable fire pit. The third diagram shows the layout of the rain garden and the plants we will include in it.
 Quad Layout 1--Features

Quad Layout 2--Plants

Rain Garden

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