Our Quad

Our Quad
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Element Two Follow Up

Hi everyone! Here are some of the results of the survey we gave:

78% of all those surveyed spend less than an hour a week participating in activities on their quad when it is nice outside. On average, however, students spend a little more than one hour per week on their quad.

91% of those surveyed say their favorite activity on the quad is just relaxing or reading a book. 49% also said frisbee was one of their favorite activities. Earthweek (an ESF event) and tie-dying were other activities that students enjoyed on the quad.

A large portion (89%) of those surveyed would love to see more activities and events on their quad (such as outdoor concerts, organized games, etc.), but the majority say that they would only go if they were fun and interesting events.

One of the major things students love about their quad is how it is the hub of the campus and is a good space to play and relax. One overwhelming suggestion for improvement is the implementation of more trees, grass, and better scenery. Another flaw about ESF's quad that many people pointed out is the downward slope and the poor drainage. On the contrary, a few students say they believe the quad is just fine as is.

Once again, thank you all for participating in our survey! If you haven't yet filled it out and have anything else to add, feel free to write something.

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