Our Quad

Our Quad
Photo Credit: Janine DeBaise

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Element Four: Rain Garden Brochure

Howdy y'all! This week we put together a brochure with the purpose of educating students about rain gardens with some short prose summarizing the benefits of the system. The brochure contains the soil requirements for a rain garden and seven different plants that would be suitable in a garden on the quad.

Some of the plants from the Illick Hall rain garden were used in the new plan, but only ones that are capable of living in an environment with complete sun exposure. The plants were researched using the United States Department of Agriculture website, which gave information on the pH, growth in sunlight, and water usage of each species. We selected plants that tolerate a pH of 6-7, do well in sunlight, and have a high water usage.

We distributed the brochures throughout Moon Library so that students and professors could read them. Here are some pictures of the brochure, and a student (Gavin Cohen) reading up on rain garden philosophy:

Photo credit: Connon Thomas


  1. I love how seriously this student is taking the brochure. He looks deep in thought.